Hi, I'm Teni Wada.
I'm a content creator.

I partner with brands and businesses in Japan to curate, captivate, and cultivate their online presence. I create bilingual digital narratives that enhance brand visibility and foster genuine connections with audiences. Want to know how I can help your organization? Send me a message today!

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About Me

I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Teni Wada, the founder of The Wagamama Diaries, a blog that has been helping women in Japan navigate motherhood, lifestyle, and beauty trends since 2017.

My blog started out as a virtual diary to document my experience as a first-time mother abroad.

Little did I know that this blog would change my life and my career path, and allow me to launch my own lifestyle brand, Edo Beauty Lab. 

With my unique perspective as an early childhood educator-turned-parent, I navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood in Japan through my philosophy of “self-care through skincare.” 

I am now a full-time content creator and consultant to Japanese businesses and brands looking to expand their reach and influence on Instagram. I also create informative English language content for the foreign community in Japan.

Search for anything related to Japanese beauty products or motherhood in Japan, and it’s very likely that you’ll encounter my content on the first page of the search engine results!

A true J-beauty aficionado, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many of Japan’s top cosmetics brands such as Dr.Ci:Labo, Etvos, Kose, Lululun, Orbis, and more. In addition, I frequently work with Korean beauty brands seeking to enter and expand their presence in the Japanese market. 

With a combined social network of over 100,000 users, my dedication to promoting self-care through mindful beauty and lifestyle choices has made me a trusted voice in the industry. I have been featured in The Guardian, BBC 100 Women, and The Japan Times.

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