Hi, I’m Teni Wada!

I’m a content creator based in Tokyo, Japan, my home of 15 years.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve quietly created a social media presence for myself from scratch, showcasing my life in Japan to over 40,000 Instagram followers and more than 10,000 monthly blog readers.

My lifestyle blog, The Wagamama Diaries, is where I write about motherhood in Japan and Japanese beauty products. Search for “makeup in Japan,” “buying makeup in Japan,” “Japanese sheet masks,” “Japanese skincare,” and you’ll come across posts from The Wagamama Diaries and/or content that I’ve produced for clients!

The Wagamama Diaries also ranks high on searches such as “daycare/kindergarten in Japan” and “pregnant in Japan.”  I’m proud that my blog has become a useful resource for many living in Japan. 

In addition, I frequently collaborate with domestic and international brands and local businesses in Japan via my Instagram account, @wadateni. For a list of past collaborations, please click here.

As of present, I’ve participated in campaigns for Alfa Romeo, Coca-Cola Japan, Dove, TeamLab Planets, Namco, and more! In addition, I’ve also worked with local governments in Japan on tourism campaigns (Itako City in Ibaraki Prefecture and The Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program).

I’ve written for GaijinPot, Go Tokyo, Japan Objects, Live Japan, Tsunagu Japan, and other online media about Japan. Please view my complete portfolio here.

When I’m not blogging, I love trying Japan’s latest sweets and snacks and having family dinners at Kurazushi. I also have a growing fascination with trains, thanks to my daughter’s love for Shinkansen (bullet trains).

Head on over to my Instagram account @wadateni to get in touch, or you may also use the contact form. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!