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Over the past 2 years, I’ve created a presence for myself on Instagram (@wadateni) by sharing my passion for Japanese cosmetics and snapshots of my life and motherhood journey in Japan to my followers.

日本での生活やコスメ・スキンケアを中心に幅広く美容について発信し、外国人向け英語対応のSNS運用代行もいたします。イスタグラム(@wadateni)では、フォロワー数は約40000人で日本製のコスメ ・スキンケアに関する投稿は大変人気です。韓国コスメも好きで、韓国コスメブランドのPRマーケティングも行っております。

My lifestyle blog, The Wagamama Diaries, consistently ranks high in Google searches for topics related to motherhood in Japan and Japanese beauty products. I’ve also been profiled in a feature interview for BBC 100 Women: “Coronavirus and gender: More chores for women set back gains in equality.”

個人のブログ、The Wagamama Diariesは月間のアクセス数は1万ページビューを超え、人気が高まりつつあります。日本在住の方やアメリカからブログにアクセスする方を含め日本製美容・化粧品の正しい情報を求めています。

My most recent endeavor, [EDO BEAUTY LAB], is a sustainable green beauty brand. We aim to share the natural beauty of Tokyo’s Edogawa City throughout Japan and to a global audience of J-beauty fans.  

又、第16回えどがわ起業ビジネスプランコンテストを入賞し、オリジナルグリーンビューティーブランド「EDO BEAUTY LAB (エドビューティーラボ)」の代表として、江戸川区の魅力をより多くの方々に伝えたいと思っております。

About Me


Would you believe that my first time in Japan was the first time I’d ever been outside of the United States? It’s true, and in fact, it was also my very first time on an airplane!


Nearly 20 years after my stint as an exchange student at International Christian University, Tokyo remains my home.


Originally from the southern United States. I arrived in Tokyo in the fall of 2004. After graduation, I worked in fashion retail for several years.  


Afterwards, I received a Master’s degree in Global Studies from Sophia University in 2012 and began my career as a kindergarten teacher.


The birth of my daughter in 2017 prompted me to re-evaluate work-life balance and in 2020, I made the decision to become a full-time content creator   and entrepreneur. 


My motto is “self-care through skincare” and when I’m not creating content for clients or updating my own blog and social media, you’re sure to find me in the convenience store browsing the latest offerings of limited edition seasonal snacks. 




Instagram Marketing Services

Past collaborations include: American Express Japan, Coca Cola Japan, Dove, iHerb, TeamLab Planets, Namco, Sheraton Hotel, and Universal Music Japan.

Blog & Article Writing

I’ve previously written content for Best Living Japan, Gaijin Pot, Go Tokyo, Japan Objects, Live Japan, Tabido, Tsunagu Japan, and more.

Media Management

Let me managing your online presence by developing a strategy and analyzing data to create content that increase brand awareness and sales.

Blog Coaching Services

I am also available for social media marketing and blogging consultations about WordPress, blog setup, content writing, SEO optimization, monetization, marketing, and more!

virtual skincare consultations

Book me to get a personalized skincare routine to address your skincare concerns and find products that suit your lifestyle and age.

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Teni Wada

Teni Wada is a Tokyo-based beauty & lifestyle content creator and founder of natural skincare line, [EDO BEAUTY LAB].


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Teni Wada is a Tokyo-based beauty & lifestyle content creator and founder of the green skincare line [EDO BEAUTY LAB].

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